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It’s your data. Do your employees know how to protect it?

How to Identify phishing emails and websites

Not to send PII – Personally identifiable information (SSN, credit card, driver’s license, etc.) in emails

How to protect portable media

The importance of creating strong passwords

Not to share their passwords

The dangers of posting PII on social media

About the risks of using their personal devices with company data

Common sense, right?  You’ll be surprised how many employees don’t know or practice these simple procedures.
95% of all breaches are caused by human error – meaning companies need more to protect themselves then firewalls and antivirus.

Employees are your number #1 security risk!

Security Awareness Training

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Employee Security Training

It is critical to ensure that employees understand the risks to sensitive information and the threat of data breaches. Phishing and ransomware are leading methods of attacks. Employees need to know how to spot phishing emails, phishing websites and the dangers of email attachments. Training needs to take into account the dangers of hacking, stolen mobile devices, posting sensitive information on social media and other causes of data breaches. A good training program will continually remind employees about the dangers of data breaches and how to avoid becoming a victim. Cybercriminals are developing new scams and attacks everyday and employees should be made aware of these scams.

Our Training Program can help get your employees trained and educated on how to protect your data.

Ransomware is a real threat to all businesses

Ransomware is a method of holding data hostage until a ransom or payment has been made to release the data. Ransomware is usually associated with fake emails called phishing emails that contain malicious attachments such as Microsoft Word documents or PDF files. Once these attachments are opened, a program locks or encrypts all the data on the workstation. Ransomware can spread to other workstations and servers on the network.
Criminals are targeting healthcare organizations, law firms, financial service organizations and all businesses that have valuable data that they can’t afford to lose. These criminals realize that it is easier to hold a company’s data hostage than it is to steal the data and use it. The risk of being caught spreading ransomware is much lower than traditional hacking or cybercrime.
Hospitals, law firms and many other organizations have been shut down for weeks as a result of successful ransomware attacks that have encrypted the entire network and made access to company data and systems impossible.

Why Security Training?

  • Data breaches occur everyday
  • 95% of breaches are caused by human error
  • Your employees are your biggest security risk
  • Employees need to know how to:
    • Detect phishing scams
    • Create and manage strong passwords
    • Protect mobile devices
    • Understand the risk of sharing confidential information & sensitive company data
  • Training leads to less IT expenditures
  • Education shuts the front door to bad actors with malicious intent
  • Decreases risk of critical downtime due to employee mistakes

Training Program

  • Accessed through security portal
  • Online training that employees can access anywhere
  • Self-paced learning to be completed at own pace
  • Ability to Start, Stop and Resume training
  • Tutorials that are relevant and engaging
  • Use of Multimedia (Videos, Animation, Graphics, Quizzes)
  • Administrative Tracking / Reporting
  • Training Certification Program
  • New Employee Onboarding Training
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • Ongoing communication & training for latest cyberthreats

Security Topics

  • Protecting Credit Cards and Customer Information
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Spotting Phishing Scams
  • Avoiding Phone Scams
  • Strong Passwords – Best Practices
  • Public Wi-Fi Dangers
  • BYOD – Employees Bringing / Using Own Devices
  • Protecting Mobile Devices
  • Physical Protection
  • Clean Desk Policy

*further topics and ongoing updates

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