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The combined power of U.S. small businesses drives a significant segment of the nation’s economy.


Combined, the number of U.S. small businesses totals about 29.6 million.


Small businesses employ 47.8% of the nation’s workforce – nearly one out of every two employees.


Small business owners have spent an average of 70.3 hours performing community service in the past 12 months.


In the past 12 months, 72% of surveyed small business owners have referred customers to other small business owners.


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#Windows7 end of support is less than a year away, now is the time to make the shift ➑️ to #Windows10 & #Office365 ProPlus.

Watch Step 4 of our Windows & Office deployment plan and follow the link to see all eight steps. https://t.co/1hg6WlujnO

If you take care of an #Office365 tenant, you might like to watch this video discussing the ever-changing roles and responsibilities of admins featuring Paul Robichaux and Tony Redmond. Then again, you might not.

The 10 people transforming #healthcare. These leaders are spearheading the change in status quo, through inventions, alternative therapies, and a variety of tools to improve #patient outcomes.

For springtime, I got my #Office365 tiles refreshed! Not only do they look great in my Start menu, but they now come with new springtime fragrances! #mieexpert

So I have been pulling together the hints and tips for Microsoft tools as I come across them on twitter. Decided to put them into a wakelet collection. Happy to share with anyone who wants the link...I will be adding more #MIEExpert #WakeletWave @wakelet

Getting More #Women

into #Cyber Roles

https://t.co/5ORYQ6NB7D #fintech #CyberSecurity @Iasiello_E #womenintech #futureofwork @TechNative @missdkingsbury @Shirastweet @TopCyberNews

Implementing #AI The Right Way...no surprise that AI projects can easily fail.
So what to do? How can you boost the odds for #success?
via @forbes https://t.co/1Slfz90zKx

#Mydata #data is yours, but you’ll have to keep earning my #trust https://t.co/hQSbdyRm1r #privacy #infosec #personaldata #datasharing
#1 – Simple, clear communication
#2 – Increase the benefits of sharing data
#3 – Don’t abuse the trust