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The combined power of U.S. small businesses drives a significant segment of the nation’s economy.


Combined, the number of U.S. small businesses totals about 29.6 million.


Small businesses employ 47.8% of the nation’s workforce – nearly one out of every two employees.


Small business owners have spent an average of 70.3 hours performing community service in the past 12 months.


In the past 12 months, 72% of surveyed small business owners have referred customers to other small business owners.


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We speak of an “#AI revolution” upending society overnight. Yet if we look a bit closer it seems this “revolution” is a far slower, steadier and largely silent “evolution.” https://bit.ly/2KrZgRC
#innovation #tech #insurtech

Discover, classify & label, protect, and monitor sensitive information wherever it lives. Across devices, apps, cloud services and on-premises. Follow the link to watch the full video. https://youtu.be/UI0p9xqMNfI

Three Essential Steps To Power Big #Success In The Second Half Of The Year via @forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/trevercartwright/2019/06/10/three-steps-to-take-now-to-ensure-your-organization-meets-its-year-end-business-objectives/#1522e59a6a78
#August #MondayMotivation #Focus

90% of Enterprise iPhone Users Open to iMessage Spy Attack: https://threatpost.com/90-enterprise-iphone-users-imessage-spy-attack/146899/ via @threatpost

RT @BethFratesMD Getting Social: Physicians Can Counteract Misinformation With an Online Presence
http://ja.ma/2YhrAjb #cardiotwitter #health #healthcare @AustinChiangMD

.@Unilever is transforming.

Here's how they're embracing data and #IoT technology to further their digital journey: http://msft.social/18N7fF

People are starting to say no to ultra-expensive phones...
via @CNET's @sharatibken

In this world of omnichannel experiences, customer service, voice of customer and customer-centricity, the #CIO has a prominent role in mapping and improving the customer Journey #CIOChat is there any doubt? https://twitter.com/MylesSuer/status/1156988356645011462

Paige Thompson, a software engineer in Seattle, is accused of hacking a Capital One server and obtaining the personal data of over 100 million people. Her propensity for oversharing online helped the FBI track her down. https://nyti.ms/2SS4A4h

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